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At the moment, and probably for a while, this page will be sadly underdesigned. It's main purpose is to serve as an unfancy gateway to my work related projects and publications, and as such it will simply have to make do.
If you wish to contact me you can do so at

Curriculum Vitae:
* Bionote (English)
* CV (English, PDF)
List of Publications:
* HTML formatted list with hyperlinks
* BibTeX file with my publications
* Google Scholar Profile
Online Demos:
* SweSum - An online automatic text summarizer I've been working with.
* SweNam - An online automatic named entity tagger (tuned for Swedish).
* Stemming Lab - An interactive workbench for exploring the impact of stemming rules in a simple search engine:
* English lab instructions | English web interface
* Swedish lab instructions | Swedish web interface
Downloads, Source Code and otherwise:
* Source Code Downloads - My work related programming projects, all source code GPL.
Current Workplaces:
* My homepage at the Information Systems Laboratory - My work place at DSV, Stockholm University.
* My homepage at KTH CSC - My old work place, where I still dabble in NLP teaching.
* My posts on the DSV blog.

More to come as time allows ;-)

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